Club l’amour is a concept founded by the DJ Slim Vic to host parties with new and inspiring Live-acts, Dj’s and VJ’s. The love in l’amour represents the true and sincere love that all the performers feel for their respective artistic expressions and their need to convey this love to the audience.
Label L´amour will be released 2012
For more info please visit www.lamour.se


• 26/10 DJset @ Klubb L´amour – City Sounds, Fylkingen Sthlm
Also playing: Hästskötanra, Johan Sundberg & Thomas Bjelkeborn

• 8/10 Klubb L´amour guestclub at Nordic Music Days, Nasa, Reykjavik
Bnunc extreme noiseact, Deadpixel visuals & Slim Vic DJ-set


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